Leadership and Involvement

KON Executive Board New Member Induction Ceremony September 2016

KON Executive Board

New Member Induction Ceremony

September 2016

Kappa omicron nu: nutritional sciences honor society

Kappa Omicron Nu- O Beta Alpha Chapter is the Nutritional Sciences Honor Society at Rutgers University. This organization focuses on enriching its' members with three core pillars: research, leadership and service. In KON, members work closely with each other and the executive board in conducting research with the academic adviser. Dr. Nurgul Fitzgerald, participating at off-site volunteering locations, peer-to-peer tutoring in DPD and science courses and fundraising projects throughout the year.  Members in this organization have proven their outstanding academic performance, reflected in their GPA, to gain active membership status in Kappa Omicron Nu. 


President: Academic year 2016-2017

As president of Kappa Omicron Nu, I work closely with the faculty advisor and the other members of the executive board to ensure the progress and growth of our organization. Together as a team, we have planned and executed fundraisers, tutored peers within the university community, conducted research and came together as a group to volunteer for the community. 

Scholarship Chair: Academic year 2015-2016

As scholarship chair of Kappa Omicron Nu, I was in responsible for designating tutors and mentors for students within the Nutritional Sciences Department. Alongside my committee, we accumulated an average of 40+ tutoring hours for the 2015-2015 academic year. 

Rutgers university nutrition club 

The Rutgers University Nutrition Club helps raise awareness for health and nutrition within the university community. The general members and the executive board work together to create and execute meaningful activities such as: healthy bake sales, guest speaker events, volunteer opportunities, trips and documentary screenings. By combining our interests in food and nutrition, we as an organization, are able to reach a large audience in the Rutgers community. 


Recording Secretary: Academic year 2016-2017

As recording secretary, I am in charge of monitoring attendance, tracking membership points and taking notes during our general interest meetings. Alongside these responsibilities, I also plan and book volunteer events for our club, hold committee meetings with other members to help plan future events and publicize the club and our events on different platforms such as Instagram and Facebook and our school newspaper, The Daily Targum. 

Bake Sale Committee Chair: Academic year 2015-2016

The responsibilities held for this chair included: designing flyers, cross checking the recipes submitted for possible allergens, creating labels and helping run and manage the cash box at the bake sale table alongside other members of the Nutrition Club.

RU Nutritoin Club at the Food & Nutrition Conference and Expo  October 2016 Boston, MA

RU Nutritoin Club at the Food & Nutrition Conference and Expo 

October 2016

Boston, MA

Omega Phi Alpha  Founding Mothers 2015

Omega Phi Alpha 

Founding Mothers 2015

Omega phi alpha: national service sorority 

Omega Phi Alpha is a national service sorority located at Rutgers University. In May of 2015, 38 girls from our university were granted the titles of "founding mothers" after completing the requirements of creating this chapter at Rutgers University. This sorority's purpose and goals calls on its members to participate in leadership, cooperation and service to the university community, to the community at large and to the nations of the world. Within this organization, I have been able to work in soup kitchens, special needs sports programs and participate in the Miracle Network Dance Marathon. 


Scholarship Chair: Academic year 2014-2015

In this position I monitored each member's GPA to ensure each member of reaching the academic standards of Rutgers University. I was also responsible for holding weekly study hours in the university libraries. After these sessions were completed, total hours were totaled to track the academic progress of the sorority's members.