Volunteer Work


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Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Education (SNAP-ed)

nutrition outreach educator volunteer 

new brunswick, new jersey

As a volunteer with the SNAP-ed office I was able to prepare a 6-week-long course focused on the importance of exercise and nutrition to children aged from K-6th grade. During these lessons, a food sample and exercise were always incorporated into each week's lesson to spark each child's interest and to engage them into the new material. 

Rutgers Cooperative Extension: SNAP-ed & EFNEP 

nutrition outreach and administrative volunteer

North brunswick, new jersey 

At the Rutgers Cooperative Extension, I volunteered as a Nutrition Outreach Educator. During my time as a volunteer, I helped prepare for lessons for children in K-12th grade in both public and private schools. I facilitated these lessons at off-site locations under the supervision of the classroom's teacher. Students completed a pre and post survey which allowed us to see the progress and growth of the program. 

In the summer, I volunteered my time with the cooperative extension as an administrative volunteer. During this time I helped organize paperwork, counted pre/post surveys, made sure documents were up to date and filed folders in the office. 

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Rutgers Athletics Department

nutrition intern 

new brunswick, new jersey 

The responsibilities I hold as a nutrition intern for Rutgers athletics includes: preparing nutritious snacks for the university athletes that cater to their specific nutrition goals and actively managing inventory for fueling stations, supplement and the smoothie bar located on the Busch Campus of Rutgers University.